Sedation Dentistry

You know you need to brush and floss daily and receive regular check-ups and cleaning to avoid painful gum disease, infections and complex procedures.

sedationAlthough this makes sense, for millions of Americans, severe anxiety wins over logic.

Some people are fearful because they had traumatic dental experiences during childhood, or suffered pain during a dental appointment. Societal gossip can scare the already anxious into avoiding the dentist. When professional dental care is absent, not only is teeth and gums affected, overall health is at risk.

Dr. Anderson has long understood the fear and apprehension people feel in receiving dental care. He has seen many patients who have avoided getting the proper care to the extent of requiring in-depth procedures in order to restore some oral health. After experiencing sedation dentistry, many patients are able to receive dental care as recommended; many without sedation!

Today, there are more options than ever for the frightened dental patient to obtain the treatment he or she needs to gain control over tooth and gum health; thanks to sedation dentistry. Trained in many types of sedation dentistry, Dr. Anderson skillfully and carefully treats patients who have a fear of needles, a strong gag reflex, or have extremely sensitive teeth or difficulty getting numb, or those who have intense fear of the dentist due to bad experiences. His studies include IV training at the Albert Einstein school of Medicine; and he also belongs to the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation and the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. With Dr. Anderson, you are in good hands.

You may request sedation for your annual cleaning, or when you need a filling or a more complex procedure. Every patient is different; the point is that you deserve to enjoy a healthy mouth, free of pain. With sedation dentistry, you can have just that. Dr. Anderson meets the needs of individual patients by offering various forms of sedation. To finally get the dental care you need, schedule a time to consult with Dr. Anderson regarding how sedation dentistry can work for you.

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