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root canal treatment for tooth infection in Cypress TX

Having a root canal is something that most people associate with pain. This is true to such an extent that, Houston dentist Dr. Anderson, has seen people avoid receiving the dental care that would have helped them avoid a root canal in the first place. When discussing this restorative procedure, patients would do well to understand that the pain associated with the root canal has nothing to do with the procedure itself.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is needed when the pulp of a tooth is infected. The pulp is tissue that lies deep within the core of teeth. It sits in the same location as the root and nerve of your tooth; hence, the pain that occurs when infection sets in. The only way to stop the pain of infected pulp and regain oral health is with root canal treatment.

Am I A Candidate for Root Canal Treatment?

tooth infection Houston root canal treatment Cypress TX

When this form of therapy is not received, the result the patient faces is the loss of the affected tooth. Removing the tooth is not a good option because that creates a space and the remaining teeth will then move in order to fill that space. Furthermore, gaps between teeth create the perfect environment for bacteria to find more places to hide and grow; which means the risk of gingivitis and cavities increases. When you consider the consequences of not treating an infected tooth or removing the tooth, you see the immense benefit of root canal therapy.

Today, was my first visit. The place is beautiful, super clean and looks very new. Everything went well and exceeded my expectations. I waited only few minutes at the reception area after which I was escorted to the dentist room. The nurse did all the x-rays in few minutes. She was very courteous and efficient. Dr. Anderson then came in, did an exam gently, diagnosed the problem and decided to do a root canal and a crown. Within few minutes the next visit was scheduled and an estimate of the total out of pocket costs were presented to me. We finalized some paperwork and I was gone within few minutes. I’m not exaggerating when I say I felt home here!

Gus K.

Understanding why you need a root canal may not completely calm your anxieties. Rest assured that Dr. Anderson places a high priority on your comfort. Not only is the affected area completely numbed before root canal therapy begins, but patients also have the option to receive dental sedation during the procedure. We offer several forms of sedation in order to meet patients' needs.

Toothache? A Root Canal Might Be the Fix You Need

Fear and anxiety over any procedure should not hold you back from receiving the dental care you need for healthy teeth and gums. Keep in mind that root canal therapy stops the pain; it doesn't cause it. To move towards optimal oral health, schedule your visit with Dr. Anderson today. We serve patients from throughout the greater Houston area - including Tomball, Cypress, and Spring, TX.

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