Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX

Everyone deserves to love his or her smile.

teeth whitening in Houston TX teeth bleaching Cypress TXHowever, we meet many patients who don’t, for the simple fact that their teeth have been adversely affected due to certain medications, lifestyle habits, and diet. Consuming coffee, tea, red wine, and even soda may cause your smile to become dingy with discoloration, as can tobacco and even just the aging process. To obtain a more youthful smile, come see Houston dentist, Dr. Anderson, and discover the perfect whitening option for you.

Not every patient has identical needs. When it comes to getting that dazzling white smile you are proud to show off, you can choose to do so in the comfort of your own home. With our Kör Whitening System, patients achieve a brighter, whiter smile over just a few weeks; with results beginning to show right away. With the Kör Whitening System, patients are fitted with custom trays utilizing the same impression material used to fit a tooth for a crown or bridge.

professional teeth whitening in Cypress TXWe also offer an in-office whitening treatment that takes approximately two hours to complete. In one visit, patients with mild to moderate discoloration can achieve their desired results.

Because not all patients are the same, Dr. Anderson offers multiple options. During your initial consultation for teeth whitening, you will discuss your desired results and undergo a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of tooth discoloration. Through this evaluation, you and your dentist can discover if at-home or in-office treatment is ideal, or if more aggressive treatment is needed.

Your smile is personal to you. The shade of your teeth should, therefore, be customized so you can enjoy your very best smile. Call Dr. Anderson today to discover your best treatment solution.

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