The Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System

Having a smile you are confident showing others is important in how you view yourself. When your teeth are crooked, crowded, or spaced too far apart, they can affect how you interact with others. Our speech, appearance, and the function of our teeth are all impacted.

In such instances, orthodontics has long been the best path towards a better smile. These days, however, most adults and many teens are averse to wearing metal wires and brackets for twelve to twenty-four months.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have produced new and improved options for straightening teeth. Tooth-colored braces are becoming more widely used because patients can get the straight teeth they desire without the look and feel of traditional braces. With tooth-colored braces, virtually no one can tell that you are working on the alignment of your teeth.

Dr. Anderson is committed to helping patients reach their best smiles through the use of the Six Month Smiles system. True to the name, treatment is typically completed within six months. By utilizing this straightening method, the teeth you display when you speak, laugh, or smile are gently urged into proper position, thereby, giving you the look you’ve long desired.

Six Month Smiles¬†is suitable for many teens and adults who want to achieve straighter teeth in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces. It’s also great for those who lack the discipline required for the Invisalign option.

Whereas Invisalign relies on the patient’s commitment to inserting and wearing their trays for a certain amount of time each day, the Six Month Smiles system remains in the patient’s mouth for the duration of the treatment. It is ideal for those with mild to moderate misalignment; however, those patients whose bite is significantly affected by crowding may not be a candidate. A consultation with Dr. Anderson is necessary to determine which option will be best.

In our personal and professional lives, it’s important for all of us to feel confident in our smiles. It’s literally a face we show to the world in communicating who we are. Now that Six Month Smiles has arrived, it’s no longer necessary to have to wait so long. By focusing only on the teeth that are visible when smiling, we can correct issues in a shorter amount of time. With the use of advanced technology and high quality materials, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted in just six months.

To find out if the Six Month Smiles option is right for you, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Anderson today!


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